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Battery-Based Inverter/Chargers

VFX Series Vented
True Sinewave Inverter/Charger

The OutBack "VFX Series" uses a vented chassis with "bug proof" screened openings that allow for a higher output AC power in the hottest of operating conditions. All units are field serviceable. Built-in networked communications enables multiple units to be stacked and connected with other OutBack power electronics providing industry leading integration and near infinite application flexibility. The exclusive modular system architecture means that increased power output is just an additional inverter/charger away.


2600 watt 12Vdc 230Vac 50Hz Inverter
120 Amp Battery Charger


3000 watt 24Vdc 230Vac 50Hz Inverter
85 Amp Battery Charger


3000 watt 48Vdc 230Vac 50Hz Inverter
45 Amp Battery Charger
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