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System Managment Control

OutBack's proprietary communication network enables all of their products to communicate with

each other, providing a seamless setup and user experience across all components of an OutBack system.

OutBack's product line currently includes a variety of communication devices for maximum flexibility and control of renewable energy systems. OutBack's MATE product line includes the MATE, MATE2 and MATE3S devices, all of which make it easier than ever to program and monitor a complete OutBack Power system.

The HUB System communications manager forms the backbone of a networked OutBack power conversion system. The OutBack FLEXnet DC is the ultimate DC system monitoring device with integrated networked communications capabilities.

Remote monitoring of an Outback Power system is now possible using OPTICS RE. OPTICS RE allows system installers and owners to  monitor and control system settings from any internet connected device –  anywhere in the world. With real-time status and hands-on control,  track and manage individual system performance or a network of dispersed  systems.


From Remote Controls to Battery Monitor Kits to Auto Generator Start options, Magnum Energy offer a wide range of products to make your system run smoothly.

Victron products have a variety of optional accessories available to make system interconnectivity easy.
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