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PV Modules - Solar Panels
solar modules on house roof

Solar photovoltaic modules, often referred to as solar panels, convert light energy into direct electrical current (DC). As solid-state devices, solar modules have no moving parts and are extremely reliable and durable compared to any other generator technology. While solar modules have become commodities in recent years, there are important differences in form, quality, and performance that can impact both installation time and long-term system performance. Independent Power offer a selection of high-quality crystalline modules with a variety of features and price points to suit virtually any project.

Yingli Solar is a vertically-integrated company covering the entire solar panel production process, from basic silicon to ingots to solar cells and on to quality solar modules. Since 1998, Yingli's manufacturing capacity has grown from 3 MW to 2.45 GW.

Long-term product reliability and performance are essential to a solar project's success.  Yingli are focused on delivering solar modules with the highest possible product lifetime value.  Based on years of research and improvements, Yingli solar modules are designed, built and proven to perform anywhere under the sun.

Follow this link for more information about Yingli.

Watch this YouTube video about the huge Gullen Solar Farm.

The Gullen Solar Farm is Australia’s first large scale solar farm to be  co-located with a wind farm. This innovative project leveraged the  existing wind farm’s infrastructure, network connection agreements and  stakeholder relationships to reduce the construction and operation  costs. The project is the first of its kind and attracted $9.9 Million  in ARENA funding.  The 13.3MWdc solar farm is also Yingli’s first large scale solar farm to  utilise the 1500V DC system voltage made possible by the 42,000 YGE  315P 1500V solar modules installed. With a higher 1500V DC voltage  module DECMIL Balance Group JV was able to reduce their construction  costs even further with a design that has less components, used less  labour and resulted in less line losses allowing significant savings in  balance of plant.  Yingli Solar are excited to be part of an innovative Australian-first  ARENA funded project.  We hope more operators adopt this same approach  to leverage off their existing wind farm infrastructure and utilise the  spare capacity in their grid connection asset. Yingli Solar recognises  huge potential and looks forward to seeing more solar farms draped  across the northern hillsides of our Australian wind farms.


Off-Grid 36 Cell Monocrystalline Modules

Yingli's off-grid solar modules are offered in sizes 30, 50, 100 and 150 watt.

Using high efficiency mono-crystalline cells with highly transmissive and textured glass gives you a high module efficiency to maximise the kWh output of your system. Leading edge manufacturing processes guarantee full control over material and product quality.



Maximum Power: watts30
Dimensions: L x W x H mm350 x 664 x 25
Optimum Operating Voltage: Vmp volts18.4
Optimum Operating Current: Imp amps1.63
Open Circuit Voltage: Voc22.8
Short Circuit Current: Isc1.74
Cell Efficiency18%
Warranty: 80%/90%/workmanship25/12/5
Weight: kg2.7
Number of Cells36
Solar CellMono
Modules per Carton6


60 Cell Polycrystalline Modules with Proven Performance

With a cell efficiency of 18.5%, the YGE Series 2 module has  proven product quality and long-term reliability. Our current stock type is rated at 270 watts.

Built to the same exacting standards as their mono-crystalline modules, the Yingli YL270-P solar module offers the same performance and versatility for a slightly lower $/watt price.  Keep in mind that a mono-crystalline solar module will produce power in a wider range of conditions, whereas poly-crystalline modules perform best in clear, sunny skies.


Maximum Power: watts270
Dimensions: L x W x H mm1640 x 990 x 35
Optimum Operating Voltage: Vmp volts30.7
Optimum Operating Current: Imp amps8.80
Open Circuit Voltage: Voc37.9
Short Circuit Current: Isc9.27
Cell Efficiency18.5%
Warranty: 80%/90%/workmanship25/10
Weight: kg18.5
Number of Cells60
Solar CellPoly
Modules per Pallet30


PANDA 60 Cell Monocrystalline Modules and TwinMAX 60 Cell Bifacial Frameless Modules

With a cell efficiency of up to 20.1%, the PANDA Series has one of the highest module performance ratings in the world.

With cutting-edge PANDA technology, the PANDA 60 modules start working earlier in the day than other PV modules, and work later in the day under reduced sunlight levels. This is also an advantage during the lower light conditions of winter months.  PANDA technology is highly sensitive to the light energy in photons and produces a higher energy yield even at low light levels. The higher cell efficiency of 20.1% makes the best out of each square meter of your installation. PANDA modules are independently tested in harsh environmental conditions such as exposure to salt mist and ammonia. The 290 watt modules are available with standard silver aluminium frame and white back sheet, as well as a black frame with black back sheet option (BOB) verson.

PANDA BIFACIAL modules generate power from the back as well as from the front side. Together with the cutting-edge PANDA N-type crystalline silicon solar cells, which wake up earlier than conventional P-type and go to sleep later, the energy yield can be increased by 10- 30%.
Silver Frame / White Backsheet


PANDA Benefits

Maximum Power: watts290
Dimensions: L x W x H mm1640 x 990 x 40
Optimum Operating Voltage: Vmp volts32.0
Optimum Operating Current: Imp amps9.06
Open Circuit Voltage: Voc39.60
Short Circuit Current: Isc9.58
Cell Efficiency20.1%
Warranty: Linear / Workmanship years25 / 10
Weight: kg18.5
Number of Cells60
Solar CellMono
Modules per Pallet26



Yingli Solar and Gain Solar are certified according to:
ISO 9001:2008 Quality management systems
ISO 14001:2004 Environment management systems
BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational health and safety management systems

Yingli Solar  products are certified according to:
Salt mist corrosion testing acc. to: DIN IEC 61701
Ammonia corrosion testing  

Design qualification and type approval and safety qualification (IEC) acc. to:
IEC 61215
IEC 61730

Yingli Components brochure

PANDA 25 Year Warranty

Yingli Mounting Zones

Yingli Installation Manual 2017

Yingli Installation Manual Off-Grid Modules

Yingli Installation Manual TwinMax Modules

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