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Battery-Based Inverter/Chargers

FX-Series Sealed
True Sinewave Inverter/Charger

The OutBack "FX Series" uses a sealed chassis that can operate in the harshest environmental conditions such as areas with high humidity, corrosive salt air, sand or dust. It incorporates a DC to AC sinewave inverter, battery charger and AC transfer switch housed within a die-cast aluminium chassis. Intelligent multistage battery charging runs your generator less, and prolongs the life of your batteries.


2000 watt 12Vdc 230Vac 50Hz Inverter
100 Amp Battery Charger


2000 watt 24Vdc 230Vac 50Hz Inverter
55 Amp Battery Charger


2300 watt 48Vdc 230Vac 50Hz Inverter
35 Amp Battery Charger
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