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Inverters need to be installed with a battery circuit breaker.

The MidNite Solar MNDC Mini DC Disconnect powder coated enclosures include:-

  • Aluminium chassis. (no rust in the tropics or around salt water)

  • Hinged door for easy access to electrical circuits

  • Inverter breaker included (125, 175 or 250 amp)

  • Din rail for DC circuits such as PV in, Charge Control out, DC-GFP, DC loads, PV combiner

  • Ground bus bar with 14 poles

  • Six mounting spots for 500 amp, 50mV shunt

  • Mounting spot for insulated bus bar (for PV negative connection point)

  • Knock outs for inverter and battery cables, charge control mounting, DC & PV in & out

  • 5/16” diameter stud for battery negative tie point

Models:   MNDC125        MNDC175         MNDC250



The MNDC175 Plus version of the popular MNDC adds another din rail allowing up to ten din rail mount breakers. Two din rail cover plates and two panel mount plates are included. The panel mount plates allow for mounting the 3/4" 125VDC breakers that range from 60 amps to 100 amps. You can also fit the MNDC-GFP80 plus four more panel mount breakers in the enclosure. Another configuration would be one MNDC-GFP, one 3/4" panel mount breaker and five din rail breakers as well as the large 125-250A inverter breaker. Mounting is provided for a 500 amp shunt and a MNTBB-R terminal bus bar. Battery negative stud is included as well as a ground busbar.

Schematic MNDC Plus series



This is a MNDC with adapter attached for the smaller panel mount breakers. Chassis is white powder coated aluminium with 5 dinrail breaker slots or 3 panel mount breaker slots. Holds 1 x 26/39mm and 4 x 13/19mm breakers.



MNBIGBABY Multi Purpose DIN Rail Enclosure

A simple box to hold four Midnite MNEPV or MNEAC 13mm breakers, including a ground/negative bus bar.




General use powder coated aluminium enclosure for 4 panel mount type 19mm breakers from 5 - 100 Amp.

Not recommended for use with cables larger than awg #4 (19mm).




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