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Monitoring and Protection


If your home, boat, motorhome or bach depends on batteries for electrical power, here
is why a battery system monitor should be part of your electrical system.

A battery monitor help save your valuable energy by letting you see how much power you are using and where abouts you are using it. A battery monitor will help to locate any problems in your system when they occur, and it will display the information you need to know in order to protect your valuable battery investment.

TriMetric TM2030A and TM2030-RV

The TM-2030-A and TM-2030-RV operate the same, and are operationally very similar to the previous
TM-2025 model. The  difference between the "A" and "RV" version is only the size and label colour.
The TM-2030-RV includes the enclosure shown. The TM-2030-A mounts in a double gang electrical box
(not included).

  • Measures battery % full
  • Measures battery charging or discharging amps, or watts
  • Measures battery volts (9.0 to 75)
  • Audible low battery alarm, based on volts and % full. May be silenced.
  • Measures days since charged
  • Shows days since equalised
  • New with the TM-2030: Displays replaced percentage of charge
  • Good lightning protection
  • Easy to read display
  • Defaults to "Level 1" for most users to keep operation simple.
  • Logged data functions:

Data for each of last five charge/discharge cycles

Data for each of the last five days

Sizes:  TM2030-RV is 7.6 x 13.3 x 2.6cm deep.
           TM2030-A   is 11.4 x 12.06 x 3.175cm deep

Requires one of two shunts: 500A/50mV shunt allows amp measurements from 0.1-over 400 Amps.
100A/100mV shunt allows amp measurements from 0.01- over 70 Amps. Larger shunts allow higher current limits.

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