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Storage Batteries

The  EnergyCell RE Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery is designed for  high power density and renewable energy cycling applications. Absorbed  Glass Matt (AGM) technology provides for efficient gas recombination of  up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance. The EnergyCell RE  also features low profile terminals with threaded copper alloy inserts  providing reduced maintenance and increased safety.

  • Front Terminal Access Design for Ease of Maintenance and Installation
  • High-Density Pasted Plates for High Cycle Life
  • 1800 cycles @ 50% DOD, 5700 cycles @ 20% DOD
  • Lead-Calcium-Tin Alloy Plates for Long Life in Both Cycling and Float Applications
  • High Recharge Efficiency
  • Compact Footprint for Higher Energy Density Requirements
  • Thermally Welded Case-to-CoverBond to Eliminate Leakage
  • UL-Recognized Component


The Synergy AC Series sealed AGM deepcycle battery range, offer an entry level battery for small off-grid power systems.   Cycle life is low compared to more expensive GEL technology batteries, but if your system doesn't get a lot of use, and the batteries sit in float for a lot of the time, this could be the battery for you. Talk with us for more details.

  • 6V and 12V options available

  • 12 month warranty when used in a domestic situation

  • 700 cycles @ 50% DOD
  • 3500 cycles @ 20% DOD


FIAMM SMG Solar GEL 2V OPzV cells offer excellent cycling and performance.  

  • Solar 2V cells up to 3.900 Ah real capacity at C120 1.85VPC
  • Designed for regular and long deep discharge

Ideal for:
  • Renewable energy (Solar / Wind)
  • Off-grid applications
  • High capacity applications in areas with unstable grid and unreliable power supply
  • Excellent cycling also in state of partial discharge
           2000 cycles @ 60% DoD
            5000 cycles @ 20% DoD
  • OPzV technology, with tubular positive plates and electrolyte immobilized in gel
  • Dimensions according to DIN 40742 OPzV cells
  • Suitable for use at elevated temperature
  • Optimized for deep discharge recovery DIN 43539T5
  • 18 year design life under float condition
  • Minimal gassing and maintenance free (no topping-up)
  • Completely Recyclable

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